Today’s drums of honour were brought out for the General Manager of the National Theatre, Prof Sunday Ododo. The Guild of Theatre Arts Drummers honoured Prof Ododo as the guild marked 10 years of existence in Nigeria. The Professor of Performance Aesthetics and Theatre Technology spoke about the significance of drums in African culture. The event took place at the Lawn of the National Theatre and was a huge success.

The GM said “Drums have played an important role in African culture for centuries. They are used to communicate messages, tell stories, and connect people to their history and traditions. They are also used in religious and spiritual ceremonies, as well as in music and dance performances”. He further stated that drums are used to call for rains and also to ask the gods to stop the rains when the rains are too much. The General Manager praised GOTHAD for their commitment to preserving and promoting this important aspect of African culture, and emphasized the need for continued support of the arts in Nigeria. Fittingly, attendees were treated to a variety of drumming performances, showcasing the diverse rhythms and tastes in African drumming.

In recognition of his contributions to the arts, the General Manager was presented with an award of honour and also served as an award presenter at the event. Other notable guests included university dons, local musicians, dancers, and cultural leaders, who all came together to celebrate the power and beauty of African drumming.

Congratulations to all involved in this fantastic celebration of African culture and the arts!

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