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Akerele GM/CEO
National Theatre student internship program stage playNational Theatre student internship program stage play
nt slider National theatre leadership change
In a significant move within the Art, Culture, and Creative Economy Sector, President Bola Tinubu has announced the appointment of 11 new Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), with Tola Akerele taking the helm as the Director General of the National Theatre.  Tola Akerele assumes this pivotal role succeeding Prof Sunday. E. Ododo,
* Isoko International Film Festival joins Nigeria’s festival train * Governors’ interventions as graveyards of festivals * Government must intensify efforts to alleviate hardship facing Nigerians, says ANA President, Akanbi By Anote Ajeluorou NIGERIA’S cultural landscape continues to experience some level of vibrancy in spite of the difficult economic situation the new government of
National theatre razed by fire
Our attention was drawn to the above misleading headline first published on the X handle of Leadership Newspaper earlier today. We would like to state that the headline is misleading. Fire did not raze the National Theatre building that is currently being rehabilitated. The fire occured at a remote area

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