Parking Lots

The National Theatre has four different car parks that can accommodate over 500 cars in all, with adequate free spaces thereby saving you and your family the hassles of finding an adequate parking space.

Security System

Adequate measures have been put in place to ensure a secure atmosphere. In addition to fencing of the complex, a police station has been established within the premises to ensure security. To compliment the efforts of the police, a private security company has also been engaged for 24-hour security.

Power Backup System

The facilities are serviced by a 1,500KVA generator as well as two (2) other 400KVA generators which serve as backups in case of public power outage.utility_powerpack03

Public Address System

The National Theatre has modern and well-maintained sound equipment for numerous programmes that it services. All the halls have excellent acoustics.utility_pubaddre04

Stage Lighting System

There is also availability of modern stage lighting equipment for stage productions – drama, musicals, and the like. Lighting plays a major roles in successful stage productions.


At National Theatre, it is ensured that our esteemed clients and customers enjoy clean and serene environment