Newly elected Chairman of Lagos RATTAWU Council Com. Isola Ismail Adejumo led members of the “Reconciliation Team” returned elected at the recent state chapter elections of the Union which held within the National Theatre, on a visit to the GM/CEO of National Theatre, Prof. Sunday E. Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsana, fana, FNAL and his management team, to show the appreciation of the Union for the supports and guidance during the electioneering period and the provision of space for the election.

“Election is over now and it’s time to govern, bring everyone on board as you professed being ‘Reconciliation Team’ during your campaign” so said the GM/CEO of National Theatre in his reaction to the RATTAWU team. Speaking further he said “any leadership that does not plan its succession will soon go into the limbo of forgotten memory”. Com. Adejumo said the Union will always come to the GM/CEO from time to time for fatherly counsels.

The Union presented a letter and a giant card to mark the occasion.

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