Mr. Makinde Adeniran, fta, General Secretary of NANTAP who is described as one of the most in-demand drama Directors in Africa, led the facilitating team of Centre for International Advanced Professional Studies (CIAPS) to the National Theatre on behalf of Prof Kila (initiator of the project) who was unavoidably absent; also on the CIAPS team was Dr Olokodana James. The Repertory Theatre team came to explore a partnership with the National Theatre for rehearsals and staging of performances.

While lauding the project initiative, Prof. Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsna, fana, FNAL, raised some pertinent questions and made certain demands of CIAPS. In attendance were some management staff of the National Theatre which includes Mr. Abe Biodun, fta, Mr. Obagwu, Mr, Ndubuisi Henry and Mr. Steph Ogundele, fta.

CIAPS repertory theatre team promised to effect the suggestions made by the National Theatre management team when they present a draft MoU in a few weeks time.

Lovers of theatre, those interested in learning drama and advancing its knowledge have one more thing to look forward to.

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