Inauguration of the Local Facilitation Committee by the GM/CEO, Prof Sunday Enessi Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsna, fana, FNAL.The Local Facilitation Committee on the 1st United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Global Conference on Tourism, Culture and the Creative Industries scheduled for November, 2022 at the National Theatre was inaugurated today, 29th June, 2022 by the GM/CEO, National Theatre.The GM/CEO highlighted to the LFC members which includes Mr. Biodun Abe, D, P&TTS, Mr. Mohamed Yunusa, DD, BD & EM (Rep. of the National Theatre at the National Planning Sub-Committees), Engr. Pelumi Adegbakinro, AD, Engineering, Mr. Steve Ogundele, COS, Mrs. Isioma Ohanehi, Mrs. Ogechi Ibeto, Mr. Habib Usman, Dr. Samuel Okon, Ephesians Nodza as thus:* That the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the leading International Organization in the field of Tourism responsible for the promotion, sustainable and universally accessible tourism with 166 Nations, six Associate members and 500 Affiliated members to promote tourism as a driver of economic growth, development and environmental sustainability.

Main reason for LFC is* To get ready so that we can help the National Planning Committee to facilitate the programme.

The GM/CEO who is the Rep. of the National Theatre at the National Planning Committee and also the Chairman of the LFC expressed the need to embark on facility tour next week.

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