The National Theatre Festival of Unity, themed ‘Boundless Possibilities,’ unfolded as a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity, artistic expression, and unity. The event, was held inside the Marquee of the National Theatre Friday 15, 2023. It brought together an array of lectures, speeches, performances, and goodwill messages, captivating the audience with its rich tapestry of talent.

The festival kicked off with an insightful lecture by Prof Duro Oni. While the opening performance was by “Black Edge”. After this, the GM/CEO of the National Theatre gave a speech titled “. National Theatre as Podium for Boundless Possibilities in Nigeria”. This was followed by speeches from prominent figures in the arts and culture sphere including the AD of National Troupe of Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed emphasizing the power of unity in fostering boundless possibilities. Other renowned speakers touched on the role of the arts in shaping societal narratives and promoting understanding among diverse communities. And to crown it all, the Hon. Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy gave a speech in which she reiterated her agenda for the art, culture and the creative industry.

The highlight of the festival was the captivating performances that showcased the cultural mosaic of the nation. From traditional dances that echoed the rhythms of different regions to contemporary theatrical productions addressing pressing societal issues, the performances were a testament to the artistic prowess and cultural heritage of the participating groups. This included the Command Performance which was a play by the GM/CEO of National Theatre, Prof Sunday Enessi Ododo. The play was titled “To Return from the Void”.

A special mention goes to the National Theatre Choral Ensemble, whose performance left a lasting impression on the audience. Their harmonious voices and choreography not only showcased artistic excellence but also conveyed a powerful message of unity through the universal language of music.

Other performers were:
Black Edge (Ogede)
Gifted Steppers
Crown Troupe of Africa.
Goodwill messages from esteemed guests further emphasized the festival’s overarching theme, encouraging collaboration and cooperation for a harmonious society. The event served as a platform for artists, intellectuals, and policymakers to engage in meaningful dialogue about the role of the arts in promoting national unity.

These prominent Nigerians were present all through the events:
The National President of NANTAP Mr. Israel Eboh
AD, National Troupe of Nigeria
Dr Mrs. Monica Sunnie – Ododo, AD – Heritage, NCMM
Dr. Felix Emoruwa, Unilag
Dr. Hussain Shuaibu Mr. Adeniran Makinde, fta
Mrs Toyin Ike, Curator, NCMM, Ilorin
Mr. Abiodun Abe, fta


Click/See Honourable Minister’s keynote Speech – 4th Edition of the National Theatre Festival of Unity 2023



Click/See Honourable Minister’s keynote Speech – National Theatre of Festival Unity 2023 (4th Edition)

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