National Theatre Quarterly Play Reading, one of the flagship artistic programmes of Prof. Sunday E. Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsna, fana, FNAL as GM/CEO has given mobility to the National Theatre as Nasarawa State University hosted the 2nd edition on Monday 28th of March, 2022. The event was significant in many ways but most especially for it being the first time the National Theatre staged a programme outside of Lagos where the National Theatre is located. The Play Reading was part of the 6th combined convocation of the University; the occasion was graced by the members of the governing council led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Suleiman Bala Mohammed and the 2nd Vice Chancellor of Nasarawa State University, Prof. Shamsudeen O.O Amali who had previously served in that capacity at the University of Ilorin; Prof. Amali is reputed to be one of the fathers of theatre in Nigeria. Other dignitaries included the Artistic Director of National Troupe of Nigeria – Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed and the DG of National Broadcasting Commission – Alhaji Balarabe Shehu Ilelah; they were guests of the GM/CEO of National Theatre.

“Who Knows Amanda” by an alumnus of the University, Asoloko Gloria Akayi was read to the distinguished audience which included film producers, actors and theatre practitioners like Francis Duru who took part in the reading bringing a well applauded professional aura to the play reading experience; Mrs. Lantana Ahmed fta– veteran actor of the “Cock Crow at Dawn” of the 1980s enriched the play reading in a similar way.

The VC of Nasarawa State University, the former VC and the Playwright were all presented gifts by the GM/CEO of National Theatre; Prof. Suleiman Bala Mohammed received copies of the National Theatre Monograph on behalf of the University and also a totem of the National Theatre to mark the historic day; Prof. Shamsideen O.O Amali got a totem of the National Theatre; and the Playwright, Asoloko Gloria Akayi was presented an Award of Excellence among other things.

Mr. Abe Biodun, fta, Director Production Technical & Theatre Services gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the National Theatre

World Theatre Day celebration

WORLD THEATRE DAY @ THE NATIONAL THEATRE – Without a home celebrating the World Theatre Day amounts to nothing – Israel Eboh,

NANTAP This year’s World Theatre Day – today March 27 – was a tripartite collaboration between the National Theatre, Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture and the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners (NANTAP); today’s event was the culmination of activities that started yesterday which included “Artist Walk Against Social Abuses and Ritual Killings” (Art Trek) by members of NANTAP led by Mr. Israel Eboh, fta , the National President of the theatre Association, around the National Theatre; the trekkers were received by Mr. Abe Biodun, fta – Director of Production and Technical Services on behalf of the GM/CEO, Prof. S.E. Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsana, fana, FNAL.

The World Theatre Day – 27th of March yearly “celebrates our essence as a people, as a professional body; it celebrates the beauty and importance of theatre; it celebrates the role that theatre plays in the life of the nation and individuals” Mr. Abe Biodun, fta. National President of NANTAP, Mr. Israel Eboh fta stated that “Without a home celebrating the World Theatre Day amounts to nothing”. He was full of appreciation that the National Theatre is back as the ‘home’ of theatre practitioners in Nigeria.

A stage Play “Restless” by Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture staged inside the Marquee of the National Theatre was a very befitting Command Performance to mark the day

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