A very interesting play by Croupe of Africa hosted at the Marquee National Theatre on Valentine’s day (February, 2022) under the Professor Ododo led management of the National Theatre

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In a marked departure from the recent norm at the National Theatre, Valentine’s Day was celebrated with a live performance by the Crown Troupe of Africa in collaboration with the National Theatre in a sold-out event.

Other activities to mark the day included a love feast banquet at entrance C of the National Theatre, cake cutting, music, and dance. The event was graced by the AD of National Troupe among other movies and media personalities.

The Live Play, a pidgin adaptation of THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher was titled “Love at War.” Speaking at curtain down, the GM/CEO of National Theatre Prof. S.E Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsna, fana, FNAL emphasized the need for love to triumph in all we do, he further said Love conquers all in the National Theatre; he encouraged all present to spread love at all times.

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